MC and WG Meetings


Final joint MC and WGs meeting, May 21, 2015

La Biodola, Isola D’Elba, Italy

The final annual MC and Joint WG meeting will take place at Isola D' Elba on May 21st 2015, following the end of the 4th PSMR conference, which is organized by the Action. The Action meeting will take place on the morning of May 21st and will include both  the joint WG meetings and the MC meeting. Since this will be the last meeting of the Action, the main focus will be on the summary of Action achievements, preparation of all Working Group reports and considerations for future plans.

WG3 meeting, London, January 08-09, 2015

UCL Research Update and European COST activity
Wednesday 8th - 9th January 2015 – Central London

A WG2 meeting took plac at the 3-day workshop/seminar that addressed current challenges and issues in data processing for simultaneous PET-MR including attenuation correction, motion correction, combined reconstruction and joint kinetic modelling. One day includes presentations on current PET-MR methodological research at UCL, while the overall meeting has been organised so that participants in the PET-MR software development subproject of the EC COST TD1007 initiative can also attend. 

COST Session 1
Thursday 08/01/2015 (17:00-19:00) Chadwick B05, Chadwick Building, UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

WP: Data and Image analysis session: Major achievements

COST Session 2
Friday 09/01/2015 (09:30-13:30)  Perinatal Seminar room, 1st floor, South Wing, St. Thomas’ Hospital
Forward planning - MR simulations

Joint MC and WGs meeting, Kos Island May 22, 2014

Helona Resort, Kos Island, Greece

The annual MC and Joint WG meeting took place in Kos Island on May 22nd 2014, following the end of the very succesfull Annual PET/MR conference, which was organized by the Action. The Action meeting was attended by 25 MC members and substitutes and the Action DC Rapporteur, Emphasis was given to the actions that need to be taken durind the Action's last year, in order to accomplish Action's objectives and deliverables.

Bridging the gap between PET and MR simulations, Brussels, April 3, 2014

COST Office, Avenue Louise 149, Brussels

A thematic meeting entitled “Bridging the gap between PET and MR simulations” was organized by Prof. Dimitris Visvikis, leader of WG2 on April 3rd at the COST Office in Brussels. The meeting gathered a number of experts on simulations in PET and MR, not limited to Action members; seven speakers presented the existing technical approaches and trends, as well as different existing platforms. The aim of the meeting was to coordinate the work towards the development of a hybrid PET/MR simulator, which needs the synergistic work of different groups.

WG 3 and 4 meeting, Madrid, March 27-28, 2014

University Francisco de Vitoria, Building E, Room IDDI, Madrid, Spain

TThe joint WG3 and WG4 Action meeting was held on March 27th and 28th 2012, in University Francisco de Vitoria, in Madrid. The meeting was organized by Prof. Carlos Zaragoza, leader of WG4. On 27th March a workshop was organized by the Action, where 16 talks covered a wide range of subjects related to PET/MR biomodal tracers and applications. The workshop was attended by ~60 students and scientists. The WG meeting took place on 28th March and included planning of joint activities, as well as preparation of Horizon projects.

meeting agenda and traveling details

Core MC meeting, Brussels, February 13, 2014

Room Marie Curie, COST Office, Brussels, Belgium

The Core Group meeting was organized on Thursday, February 13, 2014 in the COST Office in Brussels. The Action SO, the Chair, Vice Chair and the 5 WG leaders discussed the activities that the Action will carry out for the remaining 15 months till its end. Emphasis was given in the work that each WG must do, in order to meet Action objectives and prepare for the final evaluation report.


WG 1 and 2 meeting, Ghent, 16 December 2013


Het Pand, Conference Room Rector Blancqaert Onderbergen 1,9000 Gent, Belgium

The meeting was organized by Prof. Stefaan Vandenberghe from Medical Imaging and Signal Processing (MEDISIP), of the department of Electronics and Information systems (ELIS) of the faculty of Engineering (FIRW) at the Ghent University (UGent) on Monday 16th December, 2013.


meeting agenda and traveling details

3rd MC and Joint WG Meeting, 8th May, Juelich, Germany


Central Library, Building 4.7,
Conference Room 1st floor
Research Center Juelich, Leo-Brandt-Str.,
Juelich, Germany

The 3rd joint MC and WG meeting took place on 8th May in Juelich Research Center, Germany, right after the Action PSMR 2013 conference. A full day was dedicated to this event. More than 40 attendants, including ESRs that were present at the PSMR conference attended 14 Working Group presentations. The Action MC meeting followed. The entire event was attended by Action Science Officer Caroline Whelan. 

COST meeting agenda

WG 1, 2 and 5, Athens, 22 February 2013


Rayne Institute Seminar Room
Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering
4th Floor, Lambeth Wing,
St. Thomas' Hospital
King's College London
London, SE1 7EH, UK

The meeting will be organized by the Technological Educational Institute of Athens-Department of Medical Instruments Technology, Athens, Greece on Friday 22nd February, 2013. The Meeting location was at Hotel Titania, which is located at the center of Athens.

meeting agenda and travel details


Joint WG 3+4 meeting, 29th November 2012, London


Rayne Institute Seminar Room
Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering
4th Floor, Lambeth Wing,
St. Thomas' Hospital
King's College London
London, SE1 7EH, UK

The meeting took place between 12:30pm and 18:00 and it was organized by WG leader Dr. Rafael Torres (King’s College, UK). More than 40 Action members, as well as researchers from King’s College and neighboring institutions attended the event. It was the first meeting in which all the WG members with a chemistry/biology background had an opportunity to describe results and ideas related to PET-MRI rather that their own past work. 23 presentations were given and about 50% contained results from the common activity of at least two Action groups.
New concepts and ideas emerged from this meeting such as the potential of using hyperpolarized probes in PET-MR, cell tracking with bimodal probes or new concepts for the development of imaging probes for PET-MR applications. Several preclinical PET-MR scanners or MR-compatible PET inserts as well as radioisotopes/equipment are available to the WG groups and members were encouraged to develop ideas and projects to make use of this unique opportunity. Several inter and intra WG STSMs have been already finalized and joint publications are already being prepared.
It was decided that the next WG3-4 meeting will take place on the 8th of May 2013 in Aachen. In the future presentations should be increasingly be based on STSM results. The list of the talks is given, while full presentations are available in members’ area.

# Speaker Title Country
1 Erika Mariotti Hyperpolarised MR probes and potential applications in PET-MR UK
2 Julie Tzu-wen Wang Functionalised carbon nanotubes for MRI and nuclear imaging UK
3 Jane MacKewn PET-MR imaging at KCL UK
9 André Martins Multimodal imaging probes for Alzheimer disease FR
5 Steve Archibald Multimodal imaging constructs: macrocycles, nanoparticles and targeted delivery UK
6 Penelope Bouziotis Labeling of AGuIX nanoparticles with Ga-68: preliminary in vitro and in vivo results GR
7 Kristina Djanashvili Imaging of tumors with phenylboronic conjugates of Ln(III)-complexes; MRI results vs PET perspectives NL
8 Rafael T M de Rosales Exploring potential applications of bimodal PET-MR tracers UK
9 Aris Bakandritsos Enhancing the Performance of Magnetic Nanoacarriers for Doxorubicin GR
10 Alexander Hammers Combining MRI and PET for longitudinal monitoring in a preclinical model of epilepsy: Pilot data FR
11 Carlos Zaragoza Arterial neointimal hyperplasia. Collaboration between WG3 and WG4 for non invasive visualization, progression, and treatment of this cardivascular disease ES
12 Begoña Lavin NOS3 effect in Aorta Remodelling ES
13 Tripier/Archibald New 64Cu labelled bifunctional chelates-nanoparticules conjugates for PET/MRI bimodal probes FR/UK
14 Nikos Balatsos "Developing inhibitors targeting mRNA degradation enzymes". GR
15 Yves Gossuin Development of MRI contrast agents: the role of the physicist" BE
16 António Rocha Paulo Peptide-based Probes for Amyloid and Cancer Imaging PT
17 Christine Goze Promising multimodal probes based on macrocyclic polyamines and borodipyrromethene dyes FR
18 Renata Madru Radiolabeled Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Enhanced Multi-modality Medical Imaging to Improve Diagnostic of Breast Cancer and Malignant Melanoma SE
19 N. Costes Serotonin tracers: Subtypes and agonists) FR
20 Raphael Tripier Synthesis and study of new azamacrocyclic Gd(III) and Cu(II)/64Cu(II) chelates for MR and PET Imaging FR
21 Balazs Gulyas/Christer Halldin The Mediso nanoScan PET-MRI scanner: its physical and biological validation and its applications SE
22 Christakis Damianou Tissue changes as imaged using PET after the application of High intensity focused ultrasound CY
23 George Kagadis Multimodal targeting of angiogenesis using bimodal NPs GR


2nd MCM and Joint WG Meeting, 30th May, Elba, Italy

The 2nd joint MC and WG meeting took place on 30th May in the frame of the 1st PET/MR and SPECT/MR conference, in La Biodola, Isola D’Elba, Italy. A full day was dedicated to this event, although most of the participants have attended the PSMR conference and had the opportunity to interact for three days.
Between 9:00 and 14:00 participants from all WGs presented their results of their activities, while new groups that joined the Action presented their status and plans for contributing to the Action. Taking into account the interdisciplinarity of the Action, the presentations were open to all WGs, in order to ensure circulation of information among all Action members and maximize the possibility to spark new collaborations.

elba 2012

Then split WG meetings took place, in order to decide next steps for common collaborative work and planning of STSMs. The MC meeting followed between 16:00 and 19:00. In the beginning the WG leaders presented the outcomes of the WG meetings. The Action reviewed the status of the first year activities and discussed the strategy for the second year. It was agreed to continue and support Action conference PSMR, put more effort on STSMs, promote the Action by organizing activities in terms of international events, increase the number of WG meetings, plan a workshop for PET/MR users and plan an Action Training School for 2013. The list of the talks is given, while full presentations are available in members’ area.

George Loudos
Welcome - Introduction
Damir Bosnar
Experimental nuclear physics group at Department of Physics in Zagreb
Heinz H. Coenen
Radioindicators For Multimodal Imaging
Dubravko Ćulibrk
University of Novi Sad @ COST TD 1007
Denis Guilloteau
Development of a PET/MRI tracer for amyloid plaques imaging in Alzheimer Disease
Andrzej Materka
Technical University of Łódź
Hans Herzog
Simultaneous MR/PET of the Brain
Balaz Gulyas
The Karolinska Institutet’s  Research PET Center’s Small Animal Imaging Platform and its Involvement in COST Action TD1007


WG: 3,4 & 5 Meeting, Athens

The meeting took place at the Department of Medical Instruments Technology, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Athens, Greece on Friday 2 December, 2011. Twenty five Working Group members participated and 18 talks were given, which covered the activities of most WG members. Besides the exchange of scientific ideas, WG members discussed on common collaboration strategy by exchanging materials and take advantage of STSMs. The list of the talks is given, while full presentations are available in members’ area.

# Speaker Title Country
1 George Loudos Welcome - Introduction GR
2 Rafa Torres COST TD1007 WG3 meeting Bimodal agents UK
3 Anil Kumal Mishra LabEx TRAIL, University of Bordeaux INCIA, CNRS UMR-5287, University hospital FR
4 Dennis Guilloteau “Imaging and Brain” U 930 FR
5 Louisa Bare CYCERON / CAEN Imaging platform FR
6 Frank Denat Institute of Molecular Chemistry of the University of Burgundy FR
7 Tom Christian Adamsen Centre for Nuclear Medicine and PET Haukeland University Hospital NO
8 Balaz Gulyas The Karolinska Institutet’s Research PET Center’s Small Animal Imaging Platform SE
9 Christer Halldin Karolinska Institutet PET Centre SE
10 Carlos Zaragoza Cardiovascular remodeling: From the vessel wall to the myocardium SP
11 Cristakis Damianoy MRI guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) CY
12 Nikolaos Balatsos Tales from poly(A) tails: Deadenylases and the control of mRNA turnover GR
13 Gaspar Delso Initial Performance Evaluation of the Biograph mMR CH
14 Charalambos Tsoumpas PET-MR Methodology at King’s College London UK
15 Dimitris Visvikis Quantitative Multi-modality Imaging for diagnosis and therapy FR
16 Adrian Lammertsma PET Research at the VU University Medical Centre NL
17 George Kagadis University of Patras team GR
18 Raphaël Tripier UMR CNRS 6521, University of Brest, France, Group “Nitrogen Chelates: Health and Materials” FR
WG internal discussion


After the meeting a visit to Acropolis museum was organized.

WG: 1 & 2 Meeting, Valencia


Took place in terms of the IEEE NSS-MIC 2011 conference at Valencia Conference Center, on Monay 24 October, 2011


1rst MC and Joint WG meeting, Aarhus


Took place at the Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, Aarhus N, Denmark, on 28-29 June 2011


Kick off MC Meeting, Brussels


Took place at the COST Office, avenue Louise 149, 1050 Brussels, Belgium on 27th April 2011